27 technical videos added to SoccerZoom


Technical exercises in SoccerZoom have been illustrated with videos in HD with slow motion recordings of the concrete, suggested feints and turns. This is very useful for the coach, who just can’t remember what a Cryuff Turn consists of or how the Jay Jay is performed exactly.

Romeo Meyer from Farum Boldklub’s U11 talent team and Andrea from Hekla U12 Girls team show how 27 different fins and twists are performed correctly. These can be played in the browser or on the SoccerZoom app.

The 27 feints and turns are:

  1. Jay-Jay
  2. Elastico (Inside – Outside)
  3. Elastico (Outside-Inside)
  4. Lopez (Heel – Inside)
  5. Ronaldo Chop
  6. Stepover
  7. Double Stepover
  8. Fake Shot
  9. Stepover Inside Drag
  10. Ball Roll Chop
  11. Sidestep
  12. Double Sidestep
  13. Drag to Stepover
  14. La Croqueta
  15. Rainbow Flick
  16. Romeo Special
  17. Ball Roll Cut Back
  18. Outside Cut
  19. Inside Cut
  20. Cruyff Turn
  21. Inside Stepover
  22. The Roulette
  23. Stop and Turn (Berba Spin)
  24. Reverse Stop and Turn
  25. Ball Roll Drag Back
  26. McGeady Spin
  27. Heel to Sole

Well done to Andrea and Romeo!