SoccerZoom now also covers adult players (senior years)


SoccerZoom has developed a unique and detailed curriculum with learning plans for U6 up to U19. We have now taken the step further and developed the curriculum for senior teams, both for the amateur level (amateur leagues) and the elite level (Premier League, Championship League, League One, League Two, etc.).

This is important for football clubs who want to cover adult team training with a structured platform. The curriculum-based approach in SoccerZoom means that the individual training session is precisely adapted to the players’ age, level of experience, motor and mental development, etc. The senior players’ curriculum is tailored to the needs of adult players at different levels. For example, the training sessions for senior amateur players have focus on possessions games, possessions games in closed areas, technical exercises, interval games, game training 6v6-11v11, etc.

In SoccerZoom, the curriculum for the very smallest ages of U4-U5 is also on the drawing board, where safety, games and ball management are paramount. Thus, the clubs will be able to get creative and evolving football training for everyone, from the smallest children to adult players.