Cookie Policy

1.0 What is a cookie?

A cookie is an information unit which is downloaded to your device when you visit a website. These cookies store information between your web browser and the website you visit. The used cookies cannot identify you as an individual user but can identify your computer.

Cookies exist in two different kinds: temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Both types are information units which are placed on your device. The temporary cookies will be deleted when you shut down the specific browser, while permanent cookies remain on your device until they are actively deleted. However, the permanent cookies will be deleted after a period of time, but these will be renewed every time you visit

A cookie can consist of numbers, text, etc. However, a cookie will not contain personal data. Furthermore, a cookie is not a program and cannot contain viruses or other malware.

At SoccerZoom, we use similar technologies which store information on your device when you visit the website. These technologies are effective across different browsers. We use cookies to sustain the quality of our services and products and give you the best possible experience on our platform. In addition, technology is used to catch irregular activity on our website.

2.0 Types of cookies and purpose

Cookies exist in different “types” which separately serves different purposes. All the different types of cookies take part in delivering a custom-made experience for the user of the platform. In this way, the website can adapt and adjust its content towards the specific returning user.

In the following, different purposes will briefly be described.

  • Statistic: Some cookies collect statistical data about the specific user’s behaviour on the website. In this way, it is, for instance, possible to adjust the website demographically towards a limited section of users or segment.
  • Functionality: Other cookies are able to store behaviour and are used to secure the functionality of the website. With this type of cookie, it is possible to monitor the tools and functions on the website and catch potential errors.
  • Integration with social media: This type of cookies establish the connection between the website and social media. Thus, third parties will be able to gain access to the user’s behaviour on the website, hence the name “third party cookies”. This type of cookies can be used to store and analyse behaviour across different websites.
  • Service quality: Cookies can also be used to make sure that the service always is in proper quality. These cookies can also be used to optimize services.
  • Marketing: Other cookies can be used to store information with regard to marketing use in the future.

The General Data Protection Regulation (regulation 2016/679) regulates that consent from the user is a necessity if the website process any kind of personal data. This consent is only valid if the user in advance is given a description of the purpose and extent of the cookies process of personal data.

Therefore, the user is given the option to select and deselect cookies on the website. In this way, we make sure that no data is processed without the user’s consent. However, we will bring to the user’s attention that deselection of cookies will result in the fact that the website will not be able to adjust its content to the specific user. This might lead to a less suitable experience for the user.

3.0 SoccerZoom’s use of cookies

SoccerZoom uses cookies to adjust the content on the website towards the specific user. In this way, the SoccerZoom makes sure that your experience as a user will best as possible and correspond to your behaviour and use of SoccerZoom’s website or platform. Furthermore, SoccerZoom uses cookies to analyse and adapt the website in relation to demographic behaviour. The applied cookies only register anonymous information, like IP numbers, amount of bytes sent and received, visiting time, internet host, browser type, browser version, browser language, and traffic in and out of the website, etc.

Additionally, SoccerZoom uses cookies to adjust its adverts, marketing and integration with social media. In this way, SoccerZoom makes sure that you will receive a custom made user experience which corresponds to your needs.

SoccerZoom will request your consent before adding cookies to your devices. However, SoccerZoom has to draw your attention to the fact that some cookies are applicable without your consent, but these will only be used with regard to ensuring the functionality and settings on the website.

4.0 Access for third parties and third parties cookies

SoccerZoom allows some of our suppliers to gain access to and conduct an analysis of the cookies we use. The purpose of this is solely to gain information about the content of the cookies, to ensure the functionality of the website and our services and to ensure continuous optimal operation of our website and services. Our supplier’s use of our information may only be used on our behalf and, therefore, not to the suppliers own activities.

SoccerZoom transmits cookie information to the following third parties:

  • Facebook (marketing)
  • Google analytics (statistic)
  • Instagram (marketing)
  • LinkedIn (marketing)
  • Twitter (marketing)
  • Vimeo (marketing)
  • Youtube (marketing)

5.0 Rejection and deletion of cookies

Most browsers allow you to configure the use of cookies. In this way, the browser gives you the option to delete or complete reject cookies or even receive a warning every time a new cookie is stored on your device.

It is within the specific user’s own hands to set up its cookie setting the way they want on their specific devices. However, the users should pay attention to the fact that they might lose some of the functionalities on the websites and the services if they choose to delete or reject cookies. For instances, cookies remember your previous selections on the website which will not be optional if cookies are deleted or rejected. For this reason, SoccerZoom hopes that you will allow the use of cookies.

If you would like to delete the cookies which are stored on your device, you will be able to see how to do so on the following links:

Guide on how to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Guide on how to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox browser

Guide on how to delete cookies in Google Chrome browser

Guide on how to delete cookies in Opera browser

Guide on how to delete cookies in Safari browser

Guide on how to delete cookies in iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Guide on how to delete cookies in Android phones

6.0 How do I withdraw my consent?

If you wish to withdraw your consent, this can be done on the website under the same page that you gave your consent. This can also be done by contacting us on our e-mail address:

The process of data will be stopped in connection with the withdrawal, as a blockage will come into force. However, you must be aware of the fact that cookies that have already been stored on your device will not automatically be deleted, as you will have to do this yourself.

Finally, you have to take into consideration that SoccerZoom’s website and services will no longer be adjusted to your needs and behaviour.