On this page, you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about SoccerZoom.


What is SoccerZoom

SoccerZoom is a training platform for coaches and players to help these creating better, more varied and more effective football training. The purpose is to improve football training significantly and to strengthen the development of football players in amateur clubs and elite academies.

Who can use SoccerZoom?

SoccerZoom can be used both by individual coaches and by football clubs of all sizes. As a coach you can use the system to save time and create better training for your players.

Clubs can use SoccerZoom to create a common thread across ages and skill levels, thereby maintaining current players and attracting new players.

Why should I buy a training platform?

Football must be fun and challenging – otherwise players as well as coaches begin to find other clubs or other recreational activities. Planning good training sessions is time consuming and with SoccerZoom you save a lot of time while making your workout better and more fun for the players.

The clubs are struggling to maintain players as attracting new players. SoccerZoom is the key to more varied and fruitful training. If only one additional player is retained per team, the investment is paid for!


How is SoccerZoom priced?

SoccerZoom offers two different subscription types. The two subscriptions types can be used alone or combined.

Coach license: Allows one trainer to use SoccerZoom for his teams and can be purchased by individual coaches or by clubs. It costs GBP 116 including VAT per coach per year.

Player-based license: This way a club buys SoccerZoom for an entire age group (e.g. U8) including coaches, assistant coaches, and supervising coaches or administrators. In addition, players and parents can access the platform, so the player can be well prepared. It costs GBP 12 including VAT per player per year.

You can read more about our subscriptions under Prices.


Are new features coming?

Yes! SoccerZoom is constantly evolving and therefore even more features are added to our system. On our roadmap you can see all of SoccerZoom’s latest additions and see what features are in the pipeline.

Is my password for SoccerZoom’s browser version and mobile app the same?

Yes, you use the same user and the same password regardless of whether you access the system from browser or from the app.


Is it safe to use SoccerZoom?

SoccerZoom complies with all applicable rules of encryption and secures your information against potential intruders.

Where does SoccerZoom physically store my data?

SoccerZoom is run on servers in Amazon Web Services and these are located within the EU (Frankfurt, Germany and Ireland).

What does SoccerZoom do with GDPR and data processing?

SoccerZoom strictly adheres to the GDPR requirements and we have made it easy for our customers to establish a data processing agreement. See more about GDPR here.

Can others see my personal information?

The answer is no. Your private digital data is protected by passwords that only you know. Even our developers and operators do not have access to your private data.

Getting started

What should I do to get started with SoccerZoom?

If you are an individual coach:

  • You must register on the website and request a trial subscription
  • You need to download the SoccerZoom app on Apple’s App Store or on Google Play
  • Use the invitation email to complete your registration and you are now ready to use web and mobile apps
  • You create your team(s) during Team administration
  • You can go on to create players either manually or via import from Holdsport / Kampklar
  • During Training planning you can plan your entire season in a few minutes and then you are ready for training!

If you are a club, you must create teams, coaches, and other roles (such as supervising coaches and administrators), import players from existing systems, and then the coaches can start training planning and execution. For a small amount, our consultant helps you get started.

Curriculum & drills

What does SoccerZoom's football curriculum consist of?

SoccerZoom operates with 32 learning topics (e.g. Pressing, Push Pass and Heading) and covers 15 ages from U6 over U19 to Senior. Within each age, three skills levels are used (Beginner, Seasoned, Elite) while the Senior age class has two levels (Amateur, Elite). Within each age, our experienced coaches have defined which learning themes are to be trained, how intensive and at what intervals each learning theme is to be trained, and which learning themes are to be covered by intensive training (macro cycles). In addition, the structure of the training sessions is defined for each age.

In practice, SoccerZoom’s curriculum-based approach to training means that players are trained in the learning themes they are ready for, mentally and motorically. In addition, the training is done in a progression building on previous training. This way, a common thread is created across the age groups, learning-wise.

For the players, the training will be experienced as challenging and exciting, but not too difficult nor too easy.

Why do you use animations in SoccerZoom to show exercises when others are using video recordings?

We believe that animated exercises are easier to understand for a coach than video recorded exercises. This is especially true where more than 6-8 players participate in the exercise. For such exercises of higher complexity, animations are better to illustrate and show a flow in the exercise.

Why does SoccerZoom include technical videos?

Animations have limitations when it comes to illustrating technical game elements such as feints, turns, etc. Here, the user needs a high-resolution video recording and slow playback to see exactly how a given movement should be performed. SoccerZoom currently has 27 videos illustrating feints and turns.


How do I import players from Holdsport or Kampklar?

You can import your players from your preferred club management system, eg. Holdsport or Kluboffice / Kampklar directly into SoccerZoom.

It’s very simple: You choose ‘export players’ in your current system and save the file to your computer. In SoccerZoom, you choose which system player data comes from and then select the file. Then you will be shown your players before import so that you have the opportunity to opt out of any irrelevant players. And then you’re done.